Ruth Armstrong and Sandi Trillo of VISION Management Services (VMS) in Toronto, Canada are the primary authors of Eyes on the Edge. VMS works with the leadership teams of nonprofit organizations to develop strategy and strengthen governance. As part of this work we keep our eyes on trends and forces in the environment that might impact our clients. We consider the implications and publish an occasional blog as a way to expand the conversation and promote strategic thinking.

Ruth Armstrong founded VISION Management Services over 25 years ago and has provided leadership development and consultation to over 350 public sector and nonprofit organizations. Specializing in governance, strategic planning, collaboration and organizational change, Ruth is familiar with many of the issues faced by different sectors. Her knowledge, skills and experience make her a popular facilitator – she helps groups have the conversations they need to have. Ruth taught nonprofit governance and management at York University’s Schulich School of Business for 25 years.

Sandi Trillo joined VISION Management Services in 2004 where she developed a passion for strategy and the work of the nonprofit sector. In 2016 she moved to the strategy department at United Way Toronto and York Region, remaining connected to VMS as an Associate. She loves keeping her eyes on the edge of the public, private and nonprofit sectors and capturing insights in articles and blog posts.




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