Unfamiliar with facilitation? You’ll find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions here.

1. What is Facilitation?

[Facilitation is] “… the art of leading people through processes toward agreed-upon objectives in a manner that encourages participation, ownership and creativity from all involved.”

- David Sibbet, Principles of Facilitation: The Purpose and Potential of Leading Group Process, Grove Consultants International, 2002, page IV.

2. What is the Role of a Facilitator?

A facilitator contributes structure and process (how) so groups can function effectively and make high-quality decisions (what).

3. The Services of a Facilitator are Most Helpful when:

  • Participation and consensus are desired outcomes of a meeting.
  • You want to build buy-in and commitment to action amongst polarized groups.
  • Your group or organization has been grappling with the same issues over and over again without resolution.
  • You meet infrequently and want to make the best use of your limited time together.
  • Constructive debate and creativity are needed.